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Used Ag and Farm Equipment Available at Blanchard Equipment

Need a riding lawn mower but don't want to pay top dollar? Check out our wide selection of used farm equipment for sale. All equipment is pre-inspected and given maintenance to ensure your purchase will continue to run effectively. With our page constantly being updated with new farm equipment, there's always a chance you'll find what you need.

Why Purchase a Used Tractor?

Investing in farm equipment is a significant decision for the owner. Used equipment allows you to make the purchases you need at a cost-effective price, freeing up dollars for other parts of your operation. Used tractors provide a lower depreciation rate. New tractors depreciate after coming off the lot, but used tractors have already done this, leaving you with less to worry about in the decline of its value. A used tractor is also much more likely to have feedback and reviews nationwide. You can ensure the model you are looking to purchase has had high success and has proven to tackle any job in the field. 

Diverse Product Selection

New ag equipment with limited model types can be on exclusive availability and backorder. Blanchard Equipment offers diverse equipment to best fit every operation personally. We have all kinds of makes and models, from tractors and combines to sprayers and balers. This allows you to find the best-used equipment and keep your farm running smoothly. 

Want to Trade In Your Used Tractor?

Do you want to swap out your old tractor for a newer model? Blanchard Equipment is the best spot for seamless transactions with multiple trade-ins and financing options. We will give you a fair price for your used equipment, which can be used towards a down payment or the overall cost of your new machine. Customers will receive a customized plan to meet their goals and budget when financing your equipment. By working with trusted financial institutions, we make it simple for you to manage cash flow and get the equipment in your hands as fast as possible. 

Not Sure Which Used Equipment is Best for You?

Blanchard Equipment is here for the tricky parts of choosing which farm equipment is best for your situation. Many questions can go into the process; which attachments can it fit, how many hours has this tractor been run, and much more. With our knowledgeable and highly trained staff, we can answer all questions you have. With their guidance and valuable insight into the industry, you can be sure you receive the right equipment.

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