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 1025R with tilling attachment and shovel being used to till dirt for a path

1 Series John Deere Tractors For Sale

1 Series John Deere tractors at Blanchard Equipment help you efficiently complete all small tasks around your land. The 1 Series tractor comes in two models, making lawn care, gardening, and dirt-moving applications a breeze. The 1023E is the smaller and cheaper model, with the 1025R offering more horsepower. Financing is available on both 1 Series tractors at Blanchard Equipment; talk with our team at any of our locations today for more information.

1 Series John Deere Tractor Models in South Carolina and Georgia

The 1 Series John Deere tractor models are available locally in South Carolina and Georgia at Blanchard Equipment. These tractors are incredible for all small-end jobs, with many attachments available. Attach an RC2048 rotary cutter to the 1023E to simplify brush cutting and fieldwork or a 120R loader to handle logs, dirt, or mulch. With a limited Category 1 hitch, be able to haul small trailers to make moving supplies or materials around your workplace easy. Test out the 1 Series tractors for yourself at Blanchard Equipment. 

John Deere 1023E Available Locally

The John Deere 1023E is available locally at Blanchard Equipment. With a Final Tier 4-compliant diesel engine, you are given a tractor that will run year after year. AutoConnect attachments to the base allow mower decks to be installed on your tractor in less than five minutes. The 1023E has standard 4WD and power steering, giving excellent movement control. Complete your tasks in record time by purchasing the John Deere 1023E.

John Deere 1025R Specs

Considered the staple for compact tractors, the John Deere 1025R keeps you prepared for all tasks ahead. It features LED headlights and fender lights to help navigate even after sunset. With deluxe seat suspension and armrests, the rider is provided maximum comfort while operating the tractor. With 23.9 HP and attachments for a 54-inch mower deck, the 1025R is your all-in-one maintenance machine. See packages for attachments to combine with your 1025R at Blanchard Equipment.

Compact Tractor Servicing Near You

For repair on John Deere compact tractors, contact Blanchard Equipment. We will help service with regular maintenance to extend the life of your tractor or help repair when something has gone wrong. If you wish to self-repair your compact tractor, we will provide you with OEM John Deere parts to make sure your tractor runs smoothly. For all John Deere compact tractor servicing needs, Blanchard Equipment is here for you.


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