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John Deere 2024 XUV835M towing 1,500lbs of rock and auto dumping it on the ground

John Deere Gator For Sale

Find a wide variety of John Deere Gators for sale at Blanchard Equipment in South Carolina and Georgia. These utility vehicles offer reliable performance and durability that can withstand almost any environment. John Deere Gators are available in three classes with unique capabilities and features: traditional, crossover, and high-performance. Our team at Blanchard Equipment is ready to assist you in finding the right John Deere Gator so you can tackle the task at hand. Stop by any of our 17 locations throughout South Carolina and Georgia today!

Traditional John Deere Gators

The traditional John Deere Gator, or The Work Series, is intended to provide the basic functions expected of a utility vehicle. These models may not be as flashy as the other Gator series, but they are made simple to use, hardworking, and reliable so you can stay productive over many years. These Gators have excellent cargo capacity with up to 1,600 lb payloads and are available in four-wheel or six-wheel drive. Additionally, you can choose models that use gas, diesel, or electric power. If you're looking for a reliable electric utility vehicle, consider the TE 4x2. This zero-emission Gator has a 48V electrical system and the price starts at just $15,499.

John Deere Crossover XUV Gators

The Gator Crossover XUV is designed with speed and reliability to get you through rugged terrain. Made in two versions, mid-size and full-size, you have plenty to choose from to fit your job. The Mid-Size Crossover is smaller and made to be more agile than its full-size counterpart. These models offer up to 1,300 lb payload capacity and are available with a 2-passenger or 4-passenger option. The Full-Size Crossovers provide more of a punch with increased engine performance and additional features. With up to 54 horsepower and 1,500 lbs payload capacity, you will indeed feel the difference. The 3- or 4-passenger models also have an optional sealed cab with heat and A/C so you can ride comfortably. 

John Deere High-Performance Utility Gators

If you're looking for a utility vehicle that offers thrilling rides while still functional, the high-performance utility gator might be right for you. These Gators can reach top speeds of 60 mph and can easily handle rough terrain with front and rear-end suspension and excellent tire traction. These high-performing vehicles can even offer 1,500 lb towing capacity, so you can be productive while driving an exciting Gator. 

John Deere Gators Available in South Carolina and Georgia

With the wide variety of Gator options, deciding which one is right for you can be difficult. Our team of experts at Blanchard Equipment can help you find the perfect model that fits your needs. We offer new and used John Deere Gators at affordable prices. Affordable financing with flexible payment plans is also available through John Deere Financial. Stop by any of our Georgia and South Carolina locations to learn more about our John Deere Gators!


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