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John Deere 408R 132 feet long sprayer spraying a large field of crops

John Deere 400 Series Sprayers

John Deere 400 Series sprayers at Blanchard Equipment can significantly improve the production of your farming operation. The 400 series sprayers come in four models that you can choose based on power, speed, and solution capacity. John Deere sprayers utilize the most advanced technologies to achieve the most efficient weed control and fertilizing application. Have your John Deere sprayer regularly maintained at Blanchard Equipment. For more information on our John Deere 400 series sprayers and available financing, stop by Blanchard Equipment across South Carolina and Georgia.

400 Series Models and Specs

The John Deere 400 Series sprayer comes in four different models: R4023, 408R, 410R, and 412R. Choose your model based on power, capacity, and speed. See below for how each sprayer model compares:

Model Engine Power Solution Capacity Boom Width Application Speed
R4023 173 HP 600 gallons Up to 90 feet 20 mph
408R 208 HP 800 gallons Up to 132 feet 20 mph
410R 310 HP 1,000 gallons Up to 132 feet 20 mph
412R 326 HP 1,200 gallons Up to 132 feet 25 mph

If you're looking for a high-quality John Deere sprayer, the 410R could be right for you. Its 1,000-gallon solution capacity and 149-gallon fuel tank mean you can save time and money by doing the spraying job in one go. See the 410R for yourself at Blanchard Equipment.

John Deere Sprayer Technology

John Deere 400 Series sprayers utilize the most advanced technologies currently available. The See & Spray technology uses an advanced camera system and artificial intelligence to identify weeds and spray just the right amount of herbicide to that spot. This saves an immense amount of cost as this can reduce herbicide solution use by two-thirds. The ExactApply nozzle control system automatically adjusts spray rate and droplet size, so you're consistently covering your fields, even when changing speeds or turning. Operate comfortably and reduce fuel costs with the CommandDrive on all 400 Series sprayers. This system reduces cab noise, and its Auto Mode automatically sets the engine to run at its lowest rpm necessary to reduce fuel costs. Talk to our team at Blanchard Equipment about all the fantastic features of the John Deere 400 Series sprayers.  

John Deere Sprayer Service and Repair

Regular service and repair are essential to keep your John Deere Sprayer running smoothly. Blanchard Equipment is proud to provide high-quality servicing when you need it. We offer great servicing packages where you can get an in-depth inspection at an affordable price. Our inspections check various parts and systems like: 

  • Engine, Cooling and Fuel Systems
  • Powertrain (Engine/Transmission/Front Axle)
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electrical Systems
  • Steering and Braking Systems
  • Operators Station (Controls, Lighting, Displays)
  • Safety Systems
  • Misc (Wheels/Tires, Styling Parts)

If there are any issues with your sprayer, our Blanchard Equipment technicians are experts at quickly identifying the problem and providing the fix so you can get your sprayer back to the fields. Schedule servicing online , or give us a call today to get started.

Financing Sprayers at Blanchard Equipment

Contact our Blanchard Equipment team for specific pricing on your favorite John Deere sprayer models. If you're ready to move forward with your purchase, our team has excellent financing options available. We can customize our terms and payment plans to work around when you get paid. Our partnership with John Deere Financial allows us to offer some of the lowest interest rates you can find. We can get all the information you need and answer all your questions so you can be confident in your purchase. Give us a call, or stop by any Blanchard Equipment location today.


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