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two John Deere Series 5E tractors using's shovel attachments to landscape

5E Series John Deere Utility Tractors For Sale

5E Series John Deere utility tractors for sale at Blanchard Equipment are here to solve all your midsize fieldwork. With six models available, you can customize your needs based on the cab, horsepower, engine, and more. 5E tractors are commonly used for smaller farms, roadside work, landscapers, and more. With attachments available for these jobs and more, have the 5E Series tractors complete whatever work you need done faster. See all of them at Blanchard Equipment in Georgia and South Carolina. 

5E Series Utility Tractor Models

The 5E Series utility tractors come in six different models: 5050E, 5060E, 5067E, 5075E, 5090E, and 5100E. They vary in horsepower from 75 to 100 and feature 2WD or MFWD. The 5050E is only available in an open operator station, while the rest of the models have options for premium cab, standard cab, and open operator station. With a 5-year Powertrain warranty from John Deere, have confidence in your utility tractor running efficiently for you. Check out which model is best for you at Blanchard Equipment. 

Uses of John Deere 5E Tractors

The 5E Series John Deere tractors have many uses. With a Category 2 hitch, quickly haul large cutters and mowers to cut down pastures and fields. Front-end loaders can help with livestock farms and manage manure piles. For hay baling, 5E tractors can attach balers or spears to form or move hay bales. With box blades, grade and level roads, and driveways for a smoother ride. Learn more about all the uses of John Deere 5E tractors by talking with our team at Blanchard Equipment.

Attachments for 5E John Deere Utility Tractors

Attachments for the 5E John Deere utility tractors include the following:

  • Front-End Loaders
  • Plows
  • Tillage Equipment
  • Balers
  • Mowers
  • Cutters
  • Snow Plows
  • Box Blades
  • Pallet Forks

  • With all these available and more, the 5E Series will complete any task you give. Find out more about the attachments for 5E Series John Deere tractors at any of our South Carolina or Georgia locations.

    5100E Tractor Specs

    The 5100E tractor is the biggest in its class, offering 100 HP for maximum output. It has standard 4WD and options for a cab and open station. With a PowerTech diesel engine under the hood and PowrReverser Transmission, the 5100E offers impressive performance for its size. The 5100E can be connected to JDLink from John Deere, giving you the ultimate data to help you make informed decisions. Take home the 5100E John Deere utility tractor today by stopping in at Blanchard Equipment.


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