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 RC20 Series Cutter attached to utility tractor cutting grass on the side of street.

Standard Duty Rotary Cutters For Sale

Standard duty rotary cutters at Blanchard Equipment will help you complete all your cutting applications. With seven models of sizes to work with, be able to complete your work faster than ever. The working width of standard duty rotary cutters ranges from 48-72 inches and has a hitch category of 1 or 2, depending on the model. Hooking up a rotary cutter is simple and easily adjusts to your desired height. Learn more about the standard duty rotary cutter options at Blanchard Equipment in South Carolina and Georgia.

Standard Duty Rotary Cutters Models

Standard duty rotary cutter models from John Deere come in seven sizes. They measure in at the following sizes:

  • Frontier RC2048: Working Width 48" / Hitch Category 1 & 2
  • Frontier RC2060: Working Width 60" / Hitch Category 1 & 2
  • Frontier RC2072: Working Width 72" / Hitch Category 1 & 2
  • Frontier RC2084: Working Width 84" / Hitch Category 2
  • Frontier RC4048: Working Width 48" / Hitch Category 1
  • Frontier RC4060: Working Width 60" / Hitch Category 1
  • Frontier RC4072: Working Width 72" / Hitch Category 1

  • Information on PTO HP, best uses for rotary cutters, and more can be found by talking with our team locally at Blanchard Equipment.

    Uses of Rotary Cutters

    Rotary cutters will help you clear all grass and vegetation from your farm. They are a great option on homesteads for mowing down large fields in a short amount of time. For tall weeds and brush areas, these rotary cutters can cut them down up to 2 inches. Manage pastures, livestock fields, and roadsides easily in the farming industry with the flexible use of rotary blades. Check out the sizing and rotary cutter models available near you at Blanchard Equipment.

    How to Hook Up Your Rotary Cutter

    The iMatch Quick-Hitch makes hooking up the rotary cutter to your tractor easy. Have the locking levers released, and back the hook over the center of the rotary cutter. Lift the hooks properly into place and lock the levers. Attach the PTO shaft, and you are good to go. Hooking up is only a one-man job, and adjusting cutting height is done by changing the rear wheel arm with one bolt. The RC2048 cutter can adjust to cutting heights of 1.5 - 9 inches. For more information on hooking up a rotary cutter, talk with our team at Blanchard Equipment.

    Purchase Standard Duty Rotary Cutters at Blanchard Equipment

    We will provide you with the right standard rotary cutter with seven models available for sale at Blanchard Equipment. They can be purchased individually or in a package deal with a John Deere tractor. See them for yourself today at Blanchard Equipment in Georgia and South Carolina.


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