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 2024 John Deere X504 Lawn Tractor mowing around a garden and large tree

X500 Select Series John Deere Lawn Tractors For Sale

Blanchard Equipment is proud to offer the John Deere X500 Series lawn tractors. These tractors will be the workhorses for your residence as they are made to be durable and last many years. With seven models, you can choose one that fits your needs based on engine, steering type, mower deck size, and more. Purchase attachments along with your X500 tractor for added versatility in your projects. Financing is available for all models. To learn more, stop by any Blanchard Equipment location across South Carolina and Georgia today.

X500 Series Lawn Tractor Models

The John Deere X500 Series lawn tractor has seven models with either 24 or 25.5 horsepower. Depending on your maneuverability needs, you can choose your model based on whether it is a low-effort 2-wheel steering, power 2-wheel, or power 4-wheel steering. Each model comes standard with a 4-year/500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, so you can be confident you'll get a quality machine for many years. To learn more, talk to our team at Blanchard Equipment.

Mower Deck Sizes of X500 Series Lawn Tractors

The X500 Series comes with either a 48" or 54" mower deck size. See below  for how each model compares:

  • X570: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck / Low-effort 2-wheel
  • X570: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Low-effort 2-wheel
  • X580: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Power 2-wheel
  • X584: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck / Power 4-wheel
  • X584: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Power 4-wheel
  • X590: 25.5 HP / 48" Mower Deck / Power 2-wheel
  • X590: 25.5 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Power 2-wheel

If you're still unsure which John Deere X500 Series model is right for you, call us, and our team will help walk you through the benefits of each.

John Deere X500 Lawn Tractor Attachments

The X500 Series lawn tractors have several tools to make your lawn care jobs easier. Attach a MulchControl kit to achieve a cleaner-looking yard by cutting grass into finer pieces. Effortlessly clear snow from your driveway or sidewalks in the winter with available snow blower attachments. Use the X500 Series tractor to tow small trailers to transport tools, branches, and other items. Stop by Blanchard Equipment to see all the available attachments for the X500 Series.

Financing Lawn Tractors at Blanchard Equipment

Are you looking to finance your John Deere lawn tractor? Blanchard Equipment has great financing solutions so you can streamline your purchase. We partner with John Deere Financial to provide great interest rates and flexible payment plans that suit your needs. Our team is happy to walk you through the entire purchase and answer any questions. Call us, or stop by any of our Blanchard Equipment locations today to get started.


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